Treasures by Linda
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About Linda

I was born and raised in Colorado, lived in Texas for 29 years, and moved back to Denver in Fall 2015.  I grew up in a house that taught me at an early age to sew and embroider, and it was very important to make things by hand.  Later, I learned how to knit and crochet and expand my creativity.  My mother, Betty grace Gibson, a watercolor and collage artist, is a great inspiration to me.  She taught me not to be afraid of trying new ideas and to be proud of finishing a project and saying, “I made that”.  She always said, “busy hands are happy hands”. 

I love to work with old linens and embroidery pieces.  I take these linens and make unique aprons.  My jewelry line is called “Long Ago and Again” as I take vintage pieces and turn them into something new. Some of the jewelry is also made from hand rolled paper beads.  I also love old dishes and along with spoons make pin cushions that are one of a kind.  Tablecloth and napkin sets are made from vintage feed sacks that are from the 1920’s.  Men’s neckties are sewn into one-of-a-kind purses with a vintage piece of jewelry added for sparkle.

I knit and crochet with many different yarns and fibers to create scarves, shawls, hot pads, dishrags and baby socks.  I also incorporate these fibers into jewelry often adding glass beads, silver findings, and old buttons.

My items have been shown in art galleries in Taos, New Mexico, Tubac, Arizona, and various shops in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO.  I am currently showing in the Aar River Art Gallery in Westminster, Colorado.  I also participate in several craft shows during the year.  Please check out the "Now Showing..." page on this website for a detail schedule of events. As you can see, my work is varied and I always seem to be working on new ideas.  Please keep checking this website for photos of new projects!